Jon Worth

Jon Worth

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Jon Worth

is a Berlin-based blogger and consultant, and runs a small online communications agency techPolitics LLP. His blog is one of the longest running blogs about the European Union, and EU democracy and party politics. He has previously run web campaigns for Harriet Harman, Diane Abbott and Ken Livingstone in the UK. His current clients include the European Commission and European Food Safety Authority, and he is a visiting lecturer at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, and the University of Maastricht.

residence Berlin, Germany | favorite dish Always searching for the best vegetarian food!
favorite area in Berlin Kreuzberg

What do you love about your job? I work all over Europe.

If I had known THIS, when I started...
"Early adopters still have an advantage. So I'd have been even earlier using some technologies!"

We asked our lecturer: Do you believe in a European Union of tomorrow?

"The challenges the European Union faces - to cope with climate change, to overcome the migration challenge, to deal with conflict to our east and south, and to transform our economies for the digital age - are not about to disappear. There is no way to deal with issues like these without cooperation amongst the states of Europe and the European Union was, is, and will continue to be the main framework for this cooperation. The appeal of a future outside the EU might sound superficially appealing, but no European state is big enough to face the global challenges on its own.

So I absolutely believe in a European Union of tomorrow, because every alternative is worse. Yes, the EU needs to democratise, to show it can be a driver for economic growth and environmental sustainability, and to avoid lurching from one crisis to the next. But with determination, hard work, and political will that is all possible - and Europe will be better for it. The alternative - a splintered Europe with borders and maybe even conflict returning - is a much worse prospect."

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