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How to make agreements in International Relations

Yes! Global Political Dialogue works

Public Affairs

Yes! Global Political Dialogue works

How to make agreements in International Relations
Places and dates:
  • 16. März 2020
  • 9. November 2020
  • 990,00 € VAT is not included
The hotel flat per day (coffee breaks, snacks and lunch), drinks and documents (handout, etc.) are included in the seminar price. The hotel costs are not included in the seminar price.

Why can‘t we all get along and focus on our issues? A common complaint among political actors in international bodies. Institutions such as the European Union, the African Union and the United Nations find it increasingly difficult to organize public and private interests.  But more and more national problems require global solutions. Political dialogue has become challenging for various reasons: frequent policy reversals in individual countries make for unstable policy and business climates, nationalism is gaining ground and extreme leaders rarely listen to moderate views. In today‘s world, political actors from the public and private sectors show signs of being short-sighted in the way they process information and calculate the interests of others. Yet, policy innovation and political reforms are possible once public and private leaders know how to engage in effective communication and joint problem-solving.



09:00 to 17:00 Uhr

  • The essence of international political dialogue: how bargaining, understanding and collaboration work
  • Polarization, partisanship, rancour: how to build trust with different cultures
  • Win or lose? how to overcome constraints on agreement in international politics
  • Papers: how to prepare and write for international audiences
  • National norms of cooperation: how to use them in international communication
  • Joint problem-solving: how to use collective intelligence for the good of the results
  • Lessons from the EU and other bodies: how to create conditions for successful political dialogue
  • Practical advice & case studies

Companies, organizations, institutions and NGOs that prepare public affairs and communication strategies and papers for international bodies and panels


Lecture, problem analysis and discussion, working tutorials


You will understand how joint problem-solving works in international relations.

You will be able to make and respond to political claims, arguments and proposals in international bodies and panels with the objective of reaching mutually acceptable and enduring agreements.

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Haben Sie Fragen?
Wir beraten Sie gern!

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