Nikolaus Tacke

Nikolaus Tacke

Head of Corporate Affairs, Europe Naspers

Dr. Nikolaus Tacke is Head of Corporate Affairs Europe and is responsible for shaping Naspers' corporate affairs strategy in the political and societal context of EU public policies, and for helping Napsters' portfolio companies navigate EU policy and regulatory developments. 

He joined Naspers in April 2019, after spending three years as Managing Director and head of the Brussels Office of Corporate Affairs & Public Strategies Practice with Hering Schuppener Consulting and eight years as chief lobbyist of The Coca-Cola Company in Brussels. In this position he was responsible for political analysis, strategies and campaigns in view of existing law, political and societal pressure or future regulation.

Nikolaus Tacke has in-depth knowledge of the EU institutions’ structures, their dynamics and procedures, and broad experience in the analysis of EU public policies and legislation in areas such as public health, food safety, consumer affairs, energy, environment, taxation, competition, trade and agriculture.

In his over ten years’ of experience in EU stakeholder engagement, alliance building and industry leadership, he was responsible for a number of successful lobbying and communication campaigns, holding key positions in leading trade organisations such as the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU, FoodDrinkEurope and UNESDA, the European Soft Drinks Association.

Prior to joining Coca-Cola, Nikolaus Tacke worked in the public affairs department of a global agribusiness company in Brussels and headed the office of a multinational PR agency in Berlin. He holds a PhD in Egyptology and has published a number of books and articles on Ancient Egyptian language, religion and art.

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