Dani Buijtenhek

Dani Buijtenhek


Dani Buijtenhek is a seasoned communications professional, Freelance and Interim Consultant, Trainer, Public speaker and Conference Moderator with two decades’ corporate communication experience with some of the world’s leading brands.

Made in Germany, living in the Netherlands and operating globally, Dani is multilingual and inter-culturally sensitive - the perfect mix of all worlds. Her mission is to give others the confidence that their communication will do its job. Through her own company – danibu –she helps companies of all sizes and individuals get the best out of each other through communicating more effectively. 

Through danibu she puts the rhythm into her clients’ communication: With infectious energy, common sense, access to a worldwide network of communication specialists and with a twist of Argentine tango – ultimately embraced in her company tagline Making your communication dance.

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