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Bernd Hüttemann

Bernd Hüttemann

Secretary General Visiting Lecturer University of Passau & Berlin School of Economics and Law

Bernd Hüttemann is Secretary General of the European Movement Germany, a network of 245 interest groups. He is Visiting Lecturer at the University of Passau and at the Berlin School for Economics and Law. He graduated in Political Science, History and Law at the University of Bonn. He worked as a PR-Consultant and for the Robert Bosch Stiftung and as research fellow at the Institute for European Politics. He worked for German Federal Foreign Office programmes aiming to acquaint Slovakia and Croatia with the EU.

We asked our lecturer: Do you believe in a European Union of tomorrow?

"Of course. The EU has changed its face many times. Unfortunatelly not fast and solid enough as we see in the world's financial and war crisis. It will have to change further in order to give answers to globalisation and global threats. Shall tiny selfish nation states do it? National spin can repeat as much as it can. Right answers for big questions an only be given by Europe."

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