André Maat

André Maat

Director for Commercials, Music Videos

Director André Maat loves to shoot creative ideas across all genres. He graduated from the Berlin Art School before moving to Amsterdam. He started his carreer working on online videos and content for brands such as Heineken, Bacardi, Nike and KPN. Since then, his field of work has included many award-winning commercials, promos, virals and corporate videos. Especially when aiming for a viral effect, he believes that an authentic tone of voice and creative storytelling are key factors.

residence Amsterdam, the Netherlands | favorite drink Craft beer
favorite spot in Amsterdam NDSM wharf. Old warehouses transformed into creative workplaces. Great places foor food & drinks: Pllek, Noorderlicht

What do you love about your job?
"I love the mix of creativity and craftsmanship. My main job is to create a visual form for a story. And often first find the story for an idea."

Could you name a challenge you faced within the last year ...?
"Right now 'authenticity' is one of the key words in advertising. But basically these two words are contradictions. So when challenged with a video that should communicate an authentic message, my job as a director is to create an environment where all parties involved dare to give up control. Create space for real reactions or emotions."

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